How do I get started?
Email us at to schedule. Or register for camp on the “Camp” page.


I’m an experienced rider. Can I start with a Level 2 lesson?

Sure. Just show us maturity and skill on the electric bikes.


Do you rent bikes to take home?

Sorry, not at this time.


What if I want to take a lesson with family/friends, but we ride at different levels?

That’s totally fine. Obstacle bike riding can be as easy or as difficult as you want to make it. For example, you might find riding down a rail is too easy for you, so you could try to wheelie down the rail. Also, each obstacle comes in different difficulties, so beginner riders can try the easier option until they’re ready to try the more challenging version.


How do I advance levels in the lessons?

Riders progress at their own pace to higher levels as they master the skills taught in their current level.


Do I have to know how to ride a bicycle?

Yes. If you can pedal a bicycle without training wheels, our programs will build on that skill.


What skills will I learn?

Each rider has his or her own set of mastered skills, and we build on those skills. These include proper body positions and movements, brake and throttle control, looking ahead, riding standing, turning techniques, riding over obstacles, jumping, wheelies, stoppies, track stands and more.


How old do I have to be?

We do not have a minimum or maximum age requirement. Young riders must be able to touch the ground with both feet when on a bike and also be able to reach the hand controls. This minimum size requirement is reached at about age six or around 3’9″ depending on leg length.


Are the bikes difficult to ride?

No. Once you get used to them, they feel just like a bicycle. In fact, the electric motor can make learning new tricks easier because you don’t have to deal with pedaling, a clutch, shifting, or stalling. They’re the perfect tool for learning and improving skills!


Are the bikes just for kids?

No way! Men and women have just as much fun on these bikes as kids and can gain all of the same benefits.


What kind of bikes do you use?

Electric trials bikes (not to be confused with trail bikes). These bikes are designed for slow, technical riding through and over tight and difficult terrain. We have a range of bike sizes that fit 6-year olds to adults.


What if I ride BMX/mountain bike/motocross?

Great! The basic skills required to control any type of two-wheeled, off-road machine are the same. Trials bikes make great learning tools because they allow riders to focus on challenges in a controlled environment. Many of the best riders in the world have a strong background in trials.


Will riding a trials bike help my child ride a bicycle better?

Definitely! Skills such as looking and planning ahead, riding over uneven terrain, and balancing at slow speeds are great skills to learn when young. As kids develop more skills, they also gain more confidence in themselves!


What protective gear do I need?

We require–and rent–all the required protective gear. This includes a full-face helmet, goggles or glasses, gloves, knee guards, elbow pads (or long sleeves) and boots. You can use your own gear if it meets these requirements.


Can I bring my own bike?

Yes. If you have a production-made, electric trials bike, you can use your own bike. We might ask for a safety inspection on your bike before you ride.


Will taking your classes qualify me for a discount on my motorcycle insurance?

No. We do not focus on any of the laws or requirements required to ride a motorcycle on the street.


Will I know how to ride a dirt bike if I take your classes?

No. Dirt bikes have different controls. Please seek qualified instruction before attempting to ride any type of gas-powered motorcycle.


Are the bikes loud?

Not at all. The bikes are virtually silent, but the whoops of joy can be heard for miles. ☺



We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, including persons who we determine are unfit or unsafe.